Our Story begins as a love affair. The love of family, the love of the sea, and the love of life – those things we hold so dear. These inspirations sparked a life-long passion to create a clothing style that reflects the true nature of southern living and charm. 

Southern Lure was founded by Griffin and Grace, who both come from long-time Southern families with deep roots in the retail and textile business. After having a life threatening illness, Griffin’s priorities changed. Almost losing the cherished things in life that were truly important, he left the hectic corporate world behind to spend more time with his family and friends.  His dream started to unfold and the desire to merge the two families’ businesses ran deep in his blood… 

Southern Lure was born. 

With a love for the South’s gracious charm, their goal is to create high-end quality clothing that reflects the essence of coastal life. Southern Lure’s sophisticated, comfortable styles are a way of life.  A timeless casual collection flawlessly designed, expertly crafted, and made with the highest quality fabric to ensure southern luxury. 

Southern Lure’s motto:

 Demand Excellence! Deliver Perfection!

Southern Lure’s logo, the Mahi Mahi is quite significant and meaningful to the story. Considered to be one of the most beautiful fish in the ocean, Mahi Mahi are feisty in nature, fast, and highly desired.  In Hawaiian, Mahi Mahi stands for very strong; which personifies and embodies the true essence of Southern Lure’s journey.  Born out of the depths of adversity, Southern Lure created a brand that has heart, beauty and stylish charm.

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Griffin & Grace




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